Skills for Success: Time Management Tips

 Former UCLA basketball coach John Wooden wisely said, "If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?"

One of the biggest barriers to achieving important life goals is poor time management.  All of us have at least a little tendency to say, "I can do that later" only to find either that "later" never comes, or that "later" does not give us enough time to do something well.  

Developing new time management habits is a lot like dieting--it is a sheer act of the will.  But committing to even small changes in how you use your time can make a huge difference in your level of success.  AND it can save money too! (Who wants to pay to take a course a second time???)

For some tips on things you can begin to do to change your time management habits, check out this handout!

What to Expect from a Tutor (and some GREAT online tutor resources!)

The Ozarka College Student Success Center provides FREE tutoring on all 4 campuses.  

ALL students can benefit from tutoring. Tutoring is NOT for dummies, but for any student who has hit a trouble spot in a course that someone who has "been there and done that" can help them overcome.  

If you hit a road block in one of your classes, be sure to ask for help.  And when you do, it will help you to know what to expect from working with a tutor.  This document can help you understand what tutors can do for you.  Then see page 2 for links to some GREAT online tutoring resources!

Student Skills: Online Courses-What You Need to Know

 Taking an online course for the first time?  Online courses require lots of time management, self-discipline, and greater ability to take responsibility for your own learning, not to mention a reasonable level of computer skill.  This handout will help you check your level of online readiness so that you can be mindful of potential trouble spots and head them off at the pass!  It will also help you not fall for some of the popular online course myths.

Skills for Success: Keep Your Aid

We all know that financing is a real KEY to completing an education.

Grants and scholarships are an awesome privilege and can open the doors for positive life-change!

Therefore, it is critical to be mindful of the standards for keeping those scholarships and grants BEFORE you risk losing them.  If you are not crystal clear on what circumstances will disqualify you from receiving federal financial aid (Pell grants and student loans), then this document can help you gain clarity.  If you still have questions, contact financial aid or your advisor!

Skills for Success: Explore Your Career/Degree Options

 Do you know what you want to become?

If so, do you know the level of education and effort it will take to get there?

If the answer to either of those questions is "no,"  exploration and clarification are REALLY important steps to selecting and committing to an education path that "fits" you!  Explore your interests, abilities, and values and find out about vocations that match who you are by checking out the resources listed in this brochure!