TRiO Evaluation

Wow!  The Spring 2013 semester is over!  The TRiO staff would like to thank each of you for participating in TRiO.  Congratulations to all of you graduating on Thursday night.  Some of you are planning to take summer classes, and others will return in the Fall.  Whatever your plans, we wish you success.

We need your help to evaluate our TRiO program.  Please complete the attached survey. It only takes about five minutes to complete and the information you provide will help us make TRiO better in the future.  Plus, it will provide us with information we need for our annual performance report we submit to make sure we continue to receive TRiO funds to help future students.

Again, please complete this very important survey!

Good luck and if you need anything, please contact the TRiO office at 870-368-2036.


TRiO Staff


Here is the for the survey.


Rate Your TRiO Program

You should be receiving your annual evaluation forms in the mail. Please fill them out and send them back. It is your way to "Rate Your TRiO Program" and our way to make improvements. TRiO members - Please let us know if you do not receive an evaluation form. Thank you.

Trip Evaluation Form

After each transfer trip, an evaluation should be completed and returned to the TRiO office.

Workshop Evaluation Forms

After each workshop, an evaluation should be completed and returned to the TRiO office.

Tutor Evaluations

If you have received any tutoring for the Spring 08 semester, please complete a tutor evaluation at the end of the semester for EACH tutor that assisted you. Please print the evaluation and bring it to Ronda McLelland, OR complete and save the evaluation on the computer and email it to as an attachment. Please fill out only one evaluation for each tutor and remember that the tutors will not have access to the completed evaluations. Click "Download" below to access the evaluation.

Program Evaluations

In order for TRiO to increase your satisfaction with the SSS program, it is very important that each participant completes and returns a program evalution. Click "Download" below for access to the evaluation. Please print off the evaluation OR save it to your computer and email it back to as an attachment. Please only submit one per participant.