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ozarka college adult ed graduates for 2010-2011

Published on May 24, 2011

GEDThe Ozarka College Adult Education Department awarded General Education Development (GED) diplomas during the 2010-2011 academic year to 147 students in and around the Ozarka College service area.

These students also had the option to participate in the Ozarka College Commencement Ceremony held on May 12, 2011. Those names marked with an asterisk have scored at or above scholarship eligibility level.

Several students from Baxter County received a GED, including: McKenzie R. Allen, Charles J. Crandall*, Joshua T. Dicks, Andrew C. Elliott, Ryan M. Kinsley, Christina J. Lanham, Sean M. Lehman, Joseph W. Roemhild*, Braydan A. Sisk, Joseph M. Verdusco, and Elizabeth M. Ziomek*.

From Fulton County, the following students received a GED: Kevin J. Amhrein, Anna M.  Baker*, Tyler R. Barker, Justin M. Buckley, Natosha F. Bullock, Cody N. Collins, Kathryn P. Cordell, John J. Downing, Zoe A. Godwin, Timothy P. Harris, Misty W. Kent, Courtney L. Martin, Jeremy L. Nelson, Samantha J. Parker, Peter W. Pate, Tiffany N. Presley, Adam M. Rollins, Jennifer R. Spence, Matthew C. Strauser*, Rebecca S. Waddle, and Gregory T. Wilden*.

From Izard County area, the following students received a GED: Robert C. Barnes, Merritt B. Benbrook, Danielle H. Falk, Ryan M. Fraser, Alicia N. Harris, Carl R. Henson, Christie S. Holt, Zackery M. Hood, Johnny L. Light, Donta W. Linzie, Jeffery S. McCullough, Kelsi L. McCurley, Jimmy D. Melton, Tyler J. Peffley*, Sarah E. Ragle, Brittany E. Ramsey, DeAnn L. Raupp, Desiree L. Rivera, Analise F. Shawcroft, Sarah R. Sons, Sherry L. Spivey, Chelsea H. St. Clair, Jacob R. Turner, Michael D. Vaile, Mikayla L. Watkins, and Seth L. Widemon.

From Sharp County, the following received a GED: Matthew I. Balderston, Tiffany S. Byrd, Samantha N. Chester, Cody L. Clayton, Devin E. Combs, Cody R. Duke, Chasity S. Dunnem, Jacob D. English, Jonathan D. Fagan, Jordan D. Franklin, Joshua A. Harmon, Joe D. Hobbs, Jr., Jordan A. Hollinsteiner, Cherish H. Hotop, Devon T. Huff, Rebecca S. Huffmaster, Jared J. Humphrey, Angela M. Konrad-Wright*, Donald L. Lamb, Joseph P. Mahoney*, Krystal R. Mattes, Dawn M. Matthewson, Emily K. Merriam, Felicia K. Poteete, Sabrina N. Prokop, Nicholas C. Roberts, Aliyah M. Roth, Taylor S. Sanders, Austin R. Smith, Michael W. Stanley, DeAnna L. Walker, Stephen D. Weaver*, Annette M. Westmoreland, and Laurel M. Wilson-Kent,

Stone County GED graduates included: Caleb A. Cobb*, Christopher M. Colby, Jeffery N. Daum, Belinda C. Davenport*, Chad A. Dayberry, Terry L. Dixon, Whitney N. Fossler, Cristafer S. Gosser*, Angel R. Gunter, Alexander J. Hagar, Sydney E. Halpain*, Jessie K. Hill*, Johnny D. Housely, Julienne M. Jaber, Crystal R. James, Whitney J. Jason*, Blake P. Jefferies, Amanda J. Kelly*, Rhonda L. Mast, Lauren B. McCall, Garrett R. Morgan, Dalton J. Newman, Terry A. Ohl*, Dena J. Orrell, Mason D. Patrick, Taylor J. Rainey, Ashley L. Rogers, Kayleah D. Simmons, Adam L. Smith, Jessie D. Smith, Linda D. Smith, Joseph W. Stephen*, Deborah J. Sumrall*, Daniel A. Teague, Dylan S. Walker*, Paul E. Wallace, Jr., Jay A. Weatherford, Amy E. Williams, and David A. Wilson.

Others GED graduates were: Eric Z. Fair of Lonoke, James A. Johnson of Clinton, Myriah N. Moore of Omaha, Jessica D. Reynolds of Batesville, Sheilda A. Wilson of Cave City, and Daphne C. Webb of Harriett.

Published by kwhitten
Tuesday May 24, 2011

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