Scholarships & Financial Aid

Yes, at Ozarka, Students are ABLE to AFFORD to go to college.

Compared to larger colleges and universities, Ozarka has kept tuition consistently among the lowest in Arkansas, without sacrificing the quality of education.

Financial Aid Available

  • Grants - These are funds that do not have to be repaid. There are Federal and State grants available to students based on income and need. The most common grant available is the Federal Pell Grant.
  • Scholarships - Many scholarships are available to students based on academics, talent or skill, financial need, or a major area of study.
  • Federal Work Study - Funds are available to employ students part-time on campus or at some off-campus, non-profit agencies. These jobs provide an hour's pay for an hour's work.
  • Student Loans - Students may apply for loans through federal agencies or financial institutions. This money has to be repaid upon completing the education process.

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Ozarka Scholarship Packet

Ozarka Scholarship Packet (PDF)

Ozarka Foundation Scholarship Information

Ozarka Foundation Scholarship Information (PDF)
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