Skills for Student Success: Triumphant Test Taking

The purpose of a test is to see how well a student has mastered (YES, MASTERED) the course material. Mastery of material begins NOT the night before the test, but the first day of class, and continues as you work through every assignment given by your instructors. Mastery of material is more than half the battle of triumphant test taking. But there are some other good strategies that can help you as well--overcoming anxiety and understanding how to address different types of questions will help you make sure you provide your instructor with the evidence that you are mastering the course material. This student skills brochure will give you some good tips for overcoming test-anxiety and making sure you provide the best answers you can on various types of test questions. Check it out!

What Must Happen for Studying to Be Effective? How Can Test Taking Anxiety Be Reduced?

Studying, note taking, and test taking are basic student skills.  Though there may be several methods to study or to take notes for you, the student, to choose from, those methods are ineffective if they are not contributing to long-term retention of information and deeper understanding of concepts. 

These 6 short videos will be "aha!" moments that will help you understand what needs to happen during your study time, how to make your studying most effective, and how to effectively prepare for a test in a way that will also reduce your anxiety!