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Take control of your study habits by implementing these strategies!

Tips from Dyslexic Students for Dyslexic Students

Here is some helpful information, advice, and encouragement for students who struggle with dyslexia from the Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity:href=

Study Savvy

Studying is a "brain" activity that involves sensory memory (short-lived 'impressions'), short-term memory (the 'Etch-a-Sketch' of the brain), and the hoped for destination for the amazing concepts you are learning, LONG-TERM MEMORY! Reading, connecting new information with things you already know, rehearsing information, making practical applications, organizing information, and critically evaluating it are all high-level brain activities that help you master the material. Check out this brochure for a some study strategies to make the information highway journey into long-term memory!

What Must Happen for Studying to Be Effective? How Can Test Taking Anxiety Be Reduced?

Studying, note taking, and test taking are basic student skills.  Though there may be several methods to study or to take notes for you, the student, to choose from, those methods are ineffective if they are not contributing to long-term retention of information and deeper understanding of concepts. 

These 6 short videos will be "aha!" moments that will help you understand what needs to happen during your study time, how to make your studying most effective, and how to effectively prepare for a test in a way that will also reduce your anxiety!

Study Skills Inventory


Discover what behaviors you use to promote learning and which ones you may not use enough.

Reading and Listening Clues

This site focuses on word choice and how you can get what you need out of lecture or texts.

Memory Exercise

Our brains work, in many ways, like a muscle. If we want to improve our memory, we must learn to exercise the brain. This site provides simple exercises that stimulate the brain and increase memory.


Link to "Memory Exercise"