Ozarka College Foundation Directors

Mr. Garry Lawrence, Chair, Highland - Sharp County
Ms. Diane Zook, Vice Chair, Melbourne - Izard County
Ms. Leah Rouse, Secretary/Treasurer, Salem - Fulton County
Mr. Mark Herrington, Melbourne - Izard County
Ms. Susan Kemp, Mountain View - Stone County
Ms. Beth McEntire-Bess, Ash Flat - Sharp County
Mr. Bobby Gray Miller, Melbourne - Izard County
Ms. Leta Montgomery, Mammoth Spring - Fulton County
Ms. Connie Moser, Calico Rock - Izard County
Ms. Sandy Murphy - Sharp County
Ms. Nancy Orr, Ash Flat - Sharp County
Ms. Jean Pace, Mammoth Spring - Fulton County
Ms. Pam Setser, Mountain View - Stone County
Ms. Jane Shipman, Mountain View - Stone County
Mr. Jerry Smith, Mammoth Spring - Fulton County
Ms. Donna Sullivan, Mountain View - Stone County
Mr. Mike Watson, Highland - Sharp County
Mr. Fred Holzhauer, Ash Flat
Ms. Gin Brown, Mountain View - Stone County
Mr. Matt Rush, Melbourne - Izard County
Mr. Winston Tucker, Thayer, MO - Oregon County


"With four sites in our area, Ozarka College now offers one of the best opportunities and value in higher education that can be found anywhere. Our citizens, no matter what age, can take advantage of training for career opportunities never before offered in our part of Arkansas. The expansion of the nursing training program has given our citizens the opportunity to prepare for a career in the ever-growing health field and by offering basic education, more students get an inexpensive head start on their chosen college major. The ever increasing amount of funding for scholarships by the Foundation has assisted many students on the path to higher education and better paying jobs."


Jean Pace, Foundation Board Member and Mayor of Mammoth Spring



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Suellen Davidson

Chantel Jelks-Pitcock