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Employability Videos

How to write a great resume and cover letter 


Interview Skills: Why We Should Hire You? The Unbeatable Answer


How to dress for your interview


Body Language: The Power is in the Palm of your Hand (Allan Pease)


The Skill of Self-Confidence


Ozarka College Career Link

Visit the Ozarka College Career Link for numerous career exploration and job seeking tools.




Skills for Success: Explore Your Career/Degree Options

 Do you know what you want to become?

If so, do you know the level of education and effort it will take to get there?

If the answer to either of those questions is "no,"  exploration and clarification are REALLY important steps to selecting and committing to an education path that "fits" you!  Explore your interests, abilities, and values and find out about vocations that match who you are by checking out the resources listed in this handout!

Explore majors and careers at ACT's Career Planning Center

Another great tool to learn about how your interests and abilities fit into the world of work and potential education and training needed to reach your career goals:



One Stop Career Planning

Have questions about a particular career?  Want to see what jobs might fit you best?  Wondering where to find the job you want?  Need to find out where you can get some training or experience for the job you want?  Careeronestop can help you!  

This site is sponsored by the US Department of Labor and provides current information on most any type of job you can imagine.  Check it out!


What Can I Do With This Degree?

Wondering about where a particular degree can lead?  Check out this page from Penn State University.  Select a major and see potential careers and employers, plus steps to take to reach your goals in that field:


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