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12th Annual International Day Event at Ozarka College

Published on April 9, 2019

 Ozarka College's Diversity and Cultural Events Committee hosted the 12th  Annual International Day, from March 26th- March 28th.   This event was open to Ozarka students, faculty, and staff and focused on the country and culture of the Philippines.  This year's guest speaker was  Dr. Merlina McCullough from Salem, AR.   Dr. McCullough is a known educator in the state of Arkansas.   The Filipino community from the Spring River area was also gracious enough to prepare food and bring items from their culture to the Ash Flat campus.   The women prepared sticky rice, lumpia, chicken feet and rice noodles. The group also talked about how the food was prepared and the significance of eating certain foods for different occasions. At the end of the event the women and Dr. McCullough presented items that they brought and demonstrated to the audience how they worked, as well as how they were made.

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