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Ozarka College Announces President and Provost Lists

Published on February 6, 2019

Ozarka College recently announced that 83 students have been named to the President's List and 65 students have been named to the Provost's List for the fall 2018 semester.

To be eligible for the President's List, a student must be enrolled in at least 12 college credit hours, excluding developmental courses, not be on any type of probation, and must have a minimum grade point average of 4.0. To be eligible for the Provost's List, students must meet the same requirements as the President's List; however, their minimum grade point average requirement is a 3.5 or higher.

The Ozarka College President's List by city of residence is as follows:

Ash Flat, AR: Ashton E. Gibson, Bobbie J. Johnson, Rebecca L. Reed, Rani K. Rush

Batesville: Alexandra G. Headley, Brittany G. Ottaway  

Calico Rock: Madison J. Deen, Elizabeth A. Hale, Amber N. Rush

Camp: Kaylea J. Walling  

Cherokee Village: Emily N. Burleson, Tiffany B. Burnett, Madison R. Burns, Gwendelyn A. Bush, Ashley M. Mills, Simeon J. Sapp, Hope K. Searles, Victoria B. Wade, Tamara M. Wilson, Jamie D. Yates

Clinton: Justice M. Hernandez, Audra L. Treadaway

Concord: Shelbi R. Ray

Doniphan: Dylan M. Murdock

Edgemont: Alisha A. Galloway

Fox: Sydney P. Lowery

Franklin: Kennedy E. Wallis

Glencoe: Samantha K. Stroud

Hardy: Tessee A. Herring, Emily G. Jones, Elizabeth C. Matteson, Rebekah A. Perez, Jenna E. White, Caleb L. Williams

Horseshoe Bend: Cody Workman

Lakeview: Monika S. Belin

Lancaster,TX: Melissa E. Buckman

Leslie: Shelley M. Lemky, Jennifer L. Roubique

Mammoth Spring: Marlisa K. Chase, Michelle N. Frego, Alexis M. Jewell, Caleb A. Waller

Melbourne: Cheryl D. Atkinson, Charlee J. Byram, Shannon J. Dougherty, Bethany G. Graham, Alexander C. Hancock, Alisha D. Hollaway, Joel T. Huddleson, Keeley J. Massey, Samuel C. Morgan

Mountain Home: Lynsey N. Graham, Savannah C. Harber, McKenzie A. Walker

Mountain View: Daisy S. Bares, Molly N. Cooper, Daniel E. Dixon, Tailey A. Eatherton, Tristy T. Gosser, Emily N. House, Kaylee M. Potts, Lauren R. Smith, Katie R. Wilson

Oxford: Mary J. Pratt

Poughkeepsie: Brittany E. Kunkel

Quitman: Rachel C. Johnson

Sage: Amanda A. Hutchins  

Salem: Carmon L. Doty, Autumn J. Freeman, Abby A. Greer, Jessica J. Lucero, Celina K. McHenry, Sarah M. Smith

Sidney: Wendell A. Edwards, Ashli N. Martin, Hailey C. Stigall

Smithville: Cassie N. Doyle

Thayer, MO: Alicia N. Bonner, Cheryl G. McRae, Megan M. Miller, Dakota K. Wyatt

Timbo: Mackenzie D. Anderson

The Ozarka College Provost's List by city of residence is as follows:

Ash Flat: Katherine L. Crawford, Brooklyn F. Moffitt, Shaylee M. Fletcher, Lindsay F. Yates, Blake C. Parker

Batesville: Brianna P. Ballard

Berryville: Kameron N. Disheroon

Brockwell: Christina L. Brown

Calico Rock: Jessica L. Teague

Cave City: Whitney D. Coles

Cherokee Village: Laurali A. Bradshaw, Barbara L. Chafin, Miranda A. Swiatkowski, Victoria M. Bush, Christina M. Conforth

Clinton: Angel M. Wallace, Charly A. McAllister

Corning: Alex S. Lyons

Fifty-Six: Jonathan M. Arnold

Franklin: Tamatha A. Fisher  

Gassville: Caitlyn A. Schisler

Hardy: Alissa E. Hester, Justin Scheel, Kristin N. Kissee, Janel R. Goodman

Horseshoe Bend: Amber M. Beavers

Imboden: Lindsey E. DeJournett

Leslie: Sera M. Smith

Mammoth Spring: Amber L. Spurlock, Elizabeth A. Thompson, Cheyenne H. McCleskey, Jessica T. Case, Jordyn M. Farmer

Melbourne: Shelbie L. Byram, Yolanda E. Crider, Jonathan A. Fuller, Jessica M. Wortham, Mesa M. Barger

Mount Pleasant: Staci L. Campbell

Mountain View: Iris D. Benedict, Catherine J. Reaper, Dustin L. Winkle, Nancy L. Barber, Misty L. Glenn, Mary J. Guidroz, Rachel M. Pope, Alexia R. Thomas, Seth D. McDowell, Jesse P. Jensen, Drake A. Traylor, Mark H. May, Jordan N. Shaw

Newark: Courtney N. Cummings

Salem: Tara R. Cunningham, Alina J. Cawvey, Carolyn J. Wallace

Sidney: Natalie E. Adams

Smithville: Tarenity L. Pace

Springdale: Johnna K. Long

Strawberry: Katelyn E. Fowler

Thayer,MO: Shay L. Cross, Tanya L. Krewson, Journey A. Young

Timbo: Alexis M. Vines

Viola: Caitlin J. Lash


For additional information on these accomplishments or about Ozarka College, please call 870.368.2024.

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