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Clairday Completes Solo Flight at Ozarka College

Published on February 11, 2019

 Preston Clairday of Melbourne, Arkansas, has officially soloed! Clairday's future plans are to one day fly cargo or an airliner internationally so that he can travel around the world. When asked about what it was like soloing, Preston said, "It was an amazing feeling to know that I was the one who was in complete control of the airplane. Although I was very confident in my ability to fly, it felt strange knowing that I was the only person in the plane that could land it. After I had taken off and landed three times, my solo was complete, and it was definitely one of life's greatest moments so far. " His instructor, Tim Ambrose, said, "I have enjoyed working with Preston and I think he will continue on to do great things in aviation. " Preston will be continuing his training with Ozarka's aviation program while pursuing his Associates of Applied Science - Commercial Pilot Degree.

Upon completion of Ozarka's FAA approved Part 141 flight school, students have the opportunity to complete the multi-engine commercial training at Ozarka College. For more information about flight training at Ozarka College or the aviation program, please call John Catlett, Director of Aviation, at 870-368-2391 or email Discovery flights may also be scheduled with the Ozarka College aviation program.

*** PHOTO CAPTION:  Preston after landing his solo flight shaking hands with Instructor Tim Ambrose.

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