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Honors List for Fall 2002

Published on March 13, 2003

Two hundred thirty -one full-time students qualified for the President's List at Ozarka College for the Fall 2002 semester. This included ninety-seven with perfect 4.00 grade point averages. All others earned at least a 3.50 average.
4.00 students from Fulton County were Donna Byers, Angela French, Kathleen Jones and Christina McClung of Mammoth Spring; Melba Arrington, Selina Cawvey, Betty Ellison, Amanda Garland, Amy Gilbreath, Rachel Griggs, Rex Harris, Carolyn Hodges, Michelle Lundry, Cynthia Orite, Ashley Pate, and Beverly Strauser of Salem; Crystal Goodson and Lafreda Norman of Sturkie.
Izard County 4.00 students were Janice Estes, Lynn Harris and Cindy Searcy of Brockwell; Michele Herron and Amy Sanders of Franklin; Amy Anderton of Horseshoe Bend; Lorenda Arnold, Amber Bishop, Debra Campbell, Sandra Conway, Paula Gipson, Randee Pruitt, Billy Rollins, Tanya Shell, and Richard Williams of Melbourne; Deborah Raiees-Dana of Mount Pleasant; Angela Beaver, David Jared, Wanda McConnaughhay, Rusty Mero, and Dianna Taylor of Oxford; and Pamela Brooks of Sage.
Those from Sharp County earning a 4.00 were Bernard Brandenburg, Tiffany Branscum, Beverly Clark, Elizabeth Poston, Jacqueline Spray, Janna Spray, and Joseph Spray of Ash Flat; Nola Hartley, Nellie Humbrecht, Angela Royal, and Thomas Williams of Cave City; Tracy Breckenridge, Patricia Engelbrecht, Ronda McLelland, Susan Rhodes, Dorothy Roberts, Hanna Sapp, Leah Street, and Gale Tinsman of Cherokee Village; Shirley Minick, Star Muston and Alicia Walker of Evening Shade; Karen Burton, Betty Eash, Jaclyn Gregory, Brad Lawrey, Lea Murphy, and Ellen Stethem of Hardy; Leeann Crosby, Rebecca Kauke and Misty Scrivner of Sidney; and Cathy Fox of Williford.
Stone County students with perfect grades were Neile Stevens of Alco; LaDonna Carneal, Reese Carter, Jessica Jones, Ruth McQuillan, and Sasha Wheeler of Calico Rock; Trista Carlton of Edgemont; June Dupp, Hollie Engle, Teresa Gill, Barbara Gillihan, Heather Highfill, Darlene Hopper, and Jenniffer Jason of Mountain View; Jamela Hinesley of Onia; James Dixon and Melanie Dixon of Timbo; and Daphne Sartin of Fox.
General honor roll students from Fulton County included Miranda Brown and Bertha Thornton of Camp; Libbye Blevins, Tamera Grimes, and Julie Seaberry of Mammoth Spring; Lori Coolbeth, Venita Hagler, and Linda Mabes of Salem; Tanya Davis and Jennifer Strain of Viola.
Izard County general honor students included TaKara Long, Katherine Miller, Sara Stephens, and Holly Thornley of Brockwell; Joshua Moxley of Guion; Gerald Arrington, Alyce Bailey, Racheal Johnson, Candace Pahlas, and Debora Thomas of Horseshoe Bend; Mary Bishop, Morgan Bray, Jessica Campbell, Brandy Dickerson, Debbie Garner, Tammy Hawkins, Christina Hutson, Amanda Keys, Angie Lawrence, Juan Ramirez, Glenn Sheffield, Frank Torok, Dana Wagoner, and Kodi Ward of Melbourne; Kimberly Booker, Kobie Edwards, Lacinda Engelhardt, Lacey Johnson, and Tina Langston of Mount Pleasant; Christi Crider, Sharon Crider, Misty Lowery, Suzanne Mero, and Kathy Stewart of Oxford; Timmie Skelton of Sage; Cassie Edwards, Heather Gilbreath, and Christopher Siebert of Violet Hill; and Clinton Meeker of Wiseman.
General honor students from Sharp County included Miriam Evans, Julie Kemp, Lorella Meacham, Therese Raikes, Karen Smith, and Amanda Statler of Ash Flat; Sheri Croslin, Aundria Eckard, Amy Johnson, Lyda Jones, Leah Otwell, Armilda Peterson, Charlotte Ratliff, Nora Smith, and Wretha Van Winkle of Cave City; Christina Eli, Contance Esparza, and Charlene McGreevy of Cherokee Village; Martha Guinnip and Susan Moser of Evening Shade; Joey Cooper, Angelo DeMaio, Kristy Hall, Stacey Haney, Bobby Holder, Cassie McMahon, Rebekah Perez, Dustin Reeves, Lorie Todd, and Amanda Yates of Hardy; Maxwell Praught, Timothy Praught, Georgia Roach; and Beverly Williams of Poughkeepsie; Kimberly Arnold, Shelly Downing, Royce Slade, and Sonya Slade of Sidney.
Stone County students making the list included Shirley Byler and Amy Kemp of Calico Rock; Shandle Barnhart of Fifty Six; Shasta Kocher and David Mitchell of Fox; Ann Arnold, Elizabeth Blackwell, Robin Branscum, Laura Brown, Kassie Burroughs, Jana Cash, Stephanie Duncan, Brittney Flippo, Chad Holloway, Kimberly Johnson, Amy Jones, Heather McClanahan, Lisa Meeker, Yvonne Mitchell, Becky Morrison, Patricia Nishiuchi, Patricia Rockwell, Joey Sutton, Marisa Swafford, Mark Totman, James Watters, Misty Williams, and Amy Winkle of Mountain View; Trent Martin and Errica Pruden of Timbo.
Students who qualified for 4.0 honors from Independence County include Rozetta Riley of Batesville; and Elizabeth Alonzo of Sulphur Rock. General honors were also earned by Bobbie Crider, Nichole Deutsch, Sara Gregerson, and Judy Hattenhauer of Batesville; Heather Hursh of Charlotte; Lisa Johnson of Newark; Blair Atchison of Rosie; and April Barnes of Salado.
Other 4.0 honor students are Jonetta Stover of Norfork in Baxter County; Laura Simon of Paris in Logan County; Valerie Goodnight of Shirley in Van Buren County; Valerie Tate of Tumbling Shoal in Cleburne County; and John Dern of Koshkonong, Missouri.
Other students qualifying for general honors are Susan Beumel of Fairfield Bay in Cleburne County; Ashley Barnes of Harriet and Amber Halsted of Marshall both in Searcy County; Jerry Tribble of Mountain Home in Baxter County; Jeanette Holland of Shirley in Van Buren County; Ladawn Balentine, Carla Huskey, and Pamela Proctor of Smithville in Lawrence County; and Tammie Ennis of Thayer, Missouri.
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