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Ozarka College Aviation Students Fly a Classic Jet

Published on December 5, 2019

Advanced aviation students at Ozarka College in Melbourne Arkansas recently had an opportunity to experience jet flight early in their careers. Ozarka president, Dr. Richard Dawe, teaches Advanced Aerodynamics and Performance at the college in rural northcentral AR and he and his wife, Chris, also a pilot, own a classic British jet trainer (BAC Jet Provost mk 5). Dawe recognized a unique opportunity to allow students to apply what they had learned in his class by taking the !stick' in the jet provost and experience a faster flight regime, with the associated effects of moderate !G' forces on their body and an introduction to aerobatics. Dr. Dawe commented about the experience, "it's always a great feeling to share the experience with others, in this case with our advanced aviation students at Ozarka. They did well, had a big time, and I think it was a bit eye-opening for them. "

Dr. Dawe is a commercial pilot, CFI, MEI, and a retired USN captain (naval aviator). He has enjoyed over ten years as president of Ozarka College and helping to develop the four-year-old and quickly growing Aviation Program at the College.  Ozarka College is significantly lower cost than any other collegiate flight program in the nation and students receive close attention and support during their education. Additional information on Ozarka College Aviation may be found at:

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