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Nursing & Allied Health

image of Katie Wilson
Division Chair: Katie Wilson

Programs in this Division

  • AAS Registered Nursing
  • AAS Health Professions
  • TC Licensed Practical Nursing
  • TC Health Information Technology
  • TC Health Professions
  • CP Pre-Health Sciences
  • CP Hospitality Management
  • CP Emergency Medical Technology
  • CP Certified Nursing Assistant

Courses in this Division

  • EMT1107 Basic Emergency Med. Tech.
  • HIM1203 Medical Terminology I
  • HIM1213 Medical Terminology II
  • HIM1504 Pathophysiology with Pharmacology
  • HIM1803 Medical Coding I
  • HIM1813 Medical Coding II
  • HIM2213 Legal/Ethical Aspects of Healthcare
  • HIM2223 Advanced HIM Procedures
  • HIM2233 Medical Insurance Processing
  • HIM2253 Health Data Management and Statistics
  • HIM2263 Clinical HIM Practicum
  • HIM2264 Clinical Practicum Experience
  • HIT1003 Health Data Content and Structure
  • HIT1013 Computer Applications for Healthcare Professionals
  • HIT1203 Medical Terminology I
  • HIT1213 Medical Terminology II
  • HIT1303 Medical Terminology
  • HIT1503 Coding Principles
  • HIT1504 Pathophysiology with Pharmacology
  • HIT1803 Diagnostic Coding
  • HIT1813 Procedural CPT Coding
  • HIT2003 Fundamentals of Medical Transcription
  • HIT2203 Healthcare Statistics
  • HIT2213 Legal/Ethical Aspects of Healthcare
  • HIT2253 Reimbursement Methods/Health Care Quality
  • HIT2263 Clinical Practicum
  • HIT2264 Clinical Practicum Experience
  • HIT2313 Healthcare Delivery System
  • HLTH1023 Basic Health Skills I
  • HLTH1033 Basic Health Skills II
  • HLTH1107 Basic Health Skills
  • LPN1013 Nursing Process I
  • LPN1106 Nursing Process II
  • LPN1108 Nursing Process II
  • LPN1208 Nursing Process III
  • LPN2402 Nursing Clinical Experience I
  • LPN2404 Nursing Clinical Experience II
  • LPN2504 Nursing Clinical Experience III
  • LPNE1104 Nursing Clinical Experience I
  • LPNE1112 Nursing Process I
  • LPNE1203 Clinical Experience II
  • LPNE1204 Nursing Clinical Experience II
  • LPNE1206 Nursing Process II
  • LPNE1211 Nursing Process II
  • LPNE1302 Nursing Clinical Experience III
  • LPNE1303 Clinical Experience III
  • LPNE1306 Nursing Process III
  • LPNE1311 Nursing Process III
  • MATH1003 Math for Health Professions
  • MDTR2003 Fund. of Medical Transcription
  • MDTR2110 Medical Transcription Capstone
  • NRSG1213 Math for Nurses
  • NUTR2203 Basic Human Nutrition
  • RNSG2119 Nursing Process I
  • RNSG2123 Nursing Practicum I
  • RNSG2216 Nursing Process II
  • RNSG2223 Nursing Practicum II
  • RNSG2311 NCLEX-RN Preparation
  • RNSG2318 Nursing Process III
  • RNSG2333 Nursing Practicum III
  • SURG1002 Introduction to Surgical Technology
  • SURG1003 Lab Practicum I
  • SURG1005 Perioperative Fundamentals
  • SURG1013 Patient Care Concepts
  • SURG1102 Lab Practicum II
  • SURG1103 Surgical Procedures I
  • SURG1113 Clinical Practicum I
  • SURG1203 Professional Development
  • SURG1213 Surgical Procedures II
  • SURG1214 Clinical Practicum II

Here to Help

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Tania Wallace
Academic Assistant
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Dr. Chris Lorch
Vice-President of Academics