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Culinary Arts Advisory Council

Type: Instructional - Advisory Committees
Campus Liaison: Steven Raymond


Date Agenda Handouts Minutes
Sep 12, 2016 1 0 0
Feb 17, 2016 0 0 0
Oct 13, 2015 1 1 1
Apr 2, 2015 1 0 1
Apr 10, 2014 0 0 1
Feb 15, 2013 1 0 1
Apr 16, 2012 1 0 1
Apr 20, 2008 0 0 1
Feb 25, 2008 0 0 1
Oct 4, 2004 0 0 1
Nov 21, 2003 0 0 1


An educational advisory council is a group of persons selected from the community who advise the college concerning specific occupational education programs and courses of study. Advisory committees include practitioners, employers, and supervisors within their occupation. Students, graduates, and consumers may also be represented on the committee. Members of the college administration, faculty, or staff serve as liaisons to the committee. Education programs are unique because they recognize the need for input from business, industry, health, and public services communities to assure programs meet the needs of community. Advisory committees are indispensable in identifying current and future occupational skills, knowledge, and goals. Such input ensures that graduate have the necessary skills that the labor market demands for success.

External Members:

Miguel Lino-Owner/Operator of Patio Lino, Ash Flat

Kate Castleberry-Student and Head Cook at Palace Cafe, Mammoth Spring

Robert Ferrau- Student

Chintan Patel-Owner/Operator of US Pizza and EnconoLodge, Batesville

Cliff Brown-GM 109 Main, Batesville

Philip Ashcroft-Owner of Pig n Whistle, Hardy

Dave Blackenship-Owner of Townsend Spice, Melbourne

Sam Cooper-Chef of Hawk's Nest, Melbourne

Joel Williams- Director of Main Street Batesville, Batesville

Catherine Woodworth- Food Service Director at Baptist Memorial Healthcare, Jonesboro

Campus Liaison Contacts

Chair Image

Steven Raymond