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Master Plan

The Master Planning Team, composed of the College Administration, Faculty, Staff and Community Leaders, came together to strategically evaluate the existing campus. The team also determined goals and a vision for the directions of the campus in the future.

The Ash Flat Campus Master Plan envisions three major efforts:
Ozarka Ash Flat MasterPlan Document
  • Improving Academic Offering
  • Strengthen Student and Staff Use Spaces and the overall Campus Experience
  • Providing Outreach Spaces for better local Community Interaction with the College
To accomplish these goals the Master Plan suggests looking at the Campus over three time periods; Short Term, Medium Term and Long Term improvements.

Short Term Improvements should be focused on reorganization of existing facilities aimed at increasing the efficiency of existing spaces, improving student welcoming, improving student convenience and strengthening synergies throughout the student, staff and community user experiences on Campus.

Medium Term Improvements focus on increasing student use spaces and improving the student and faculty Campus experience through a more interactive environment with improvements to the Campus’s resource, IT, computer and student services spaces. Medium Term Improvements envision linking the two existing building together with building expansions that tie the Campus together and offer an improved student, staff and community user experience. The Medium Term Improvements also suggests considers for the expansion of community interaction areas within the Campus.

The Long Term improvements include suggestions for future additions in student academic offerings while increasing the mission of the College into areas such as Workforce Training and expanded Technical Offerings.

Facilities Master Plan Documents

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