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College Work-Study Programs

Ozarka College offers student employment under the Federal Work-Study program. This is a financial aid program that provides eligible students with a way to gain valuable work experience and earn money to pay for college expenses. The jobs are usually on campus. Most work study positions pay minimum wage ($6.25/hour).

The employment year is first day of Fall/Spring classes through the last day of the semester. You may run out of funding before the end of the year. If this happens, your job will terminate or your employer will have to pay you from some other source of funds.

The number of hours you work and what hours will depend upon the position you are hired for and will be outlined by your supervisor.

Follow these steps to get your Work Study Job Assignment:
  1. Complete a Federal College Work Study Application (located in Financial Aid Office) to determine if you are eligible for these funds.
  2. Receive a hire letter from the Financial Aid Office (if eligible).
  3. Review the listing of Work Study Jobs (located on the bulletin board in front of Financial Aid Office and on the Ozarka College home page.
  4. Contact the Supervisor for the job in which you are interested to set up an interview to apply for the position. If hired, have supervisor sign your hire letter and return it to the Financial Aid Office.
  5. Complete hiring paperwork with Human Resources and visit Payroll Department for information concerning timesheets and paychecks. (Federal Work Study employees are paid on the same schedule as regular Ozarka College employees--bi-monthly).
Student's responsibilities for the Federal Work Study Employment are:
  • Be informed. Ask about departmental rules concerning dress code, phone use, and visitors. Consult with your supervisor regarding the timing of breaks.
  • Report to work according to the schedule established by you and your supervisor. Arrive ready to work! Inform your supervisor in advance of expected absences from work. Call ASAP concerning unexpected absences.
  • Take your job seriously. This is not a "pretend" job. Studying during working hours is not acceptable UNLESS your supervisor approves it.
  • In all matters, behave in an honest and professional manner. Keep confidential information to yourself.
REMEMBER: You can be fired! Ozarka College depends upon the student work program to supplement it's work force. Therefore, each and every position filled through this program is essential. As stated before, these are real jobs. You are a compensated employee. YOUR SUPERVISOR CAN FIRE YOU!

Your rights as an employee are to work in a safe, drug-free, non-threatening environment. You have the right to be treated without discrimination by your supervisor, other campus personnel, students, and the general public. You should expect your supervisor to set a schedule that you both agree to; to clearly state and fully explain your duties and any workload expectations.

If you have any questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 368-2010.


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