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Policy Addressing All "F" Grades

Title IV financial aid recipients who receive all failing grades for the semester will be identified during the Satisfactory Academic Progress process (undertaken after the fall and spring semesters) by the Financial Aid Department. An attempt will be made to determine if the student "dropped out" causing the failing grades, or whether the failures were academic in nature.

If it is determined that the student "unofficially dropped out," the following procedures will be initiated:
  1. Using the Return of Title IV Funds software, a Prorata report will be calculated to determine if the student received unearned Title IV aid (Pell Grant, SEOG and Stafford Loans), either in a refund or as payment for tuition, fees, books, etc owed to the college.
  2. The student will then be notified in writing of the transaction as well as the amount of aid that must be returned to the Title IV programs and the consequences, if arrangements are not made to return the funds. The student will be given the opportunity to rebut their attendance period.


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