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Automotive Service Technology

The Automotive Service Technology program serves the training needs of each student in all areas related to automotive servicing.  Each student will be trained in automotive theory, technical training, and manipulative skills.  Required general education courses provide valuable information needed to round out the technical skills of the graduate.

In order to remain in the Automotive Service Technology Associate of Applied Science Degree program, students must pass all AST courses with a grade of "C" or better.  If a students fails an AST course in any semester, the student will be allowed to attempt to complete the Technical Certificate in Automotive Service Technology by enrolling in required courses the following semester.

In this program, students will upgrade and update their knowledge so that they may enter the workforce and advance in their chosen occupation.

Students interested in entering the Automotive Service Technology Program should complete the required General Education courses prior to being enrolled in the AST courses. Students must complete the required Colelge Success (with a grade of C or better), English Composition I (with a grade of C or better), Math, Computer, and Social Science courses. 

Upon completion of the program, students will:

  1. Perform marketable skills when performing service on automobiles.
  2. Identify and diagnose need for automotive parts and use of appropriate tools.
  3. Apply proper safety procedures that will protect him/her, the employer, and equipment on the job.
  4. Pass all eight sections of the NATEF tests for automotive technicians.
  5. Achieve Automotive Service Excellence certification for automotive technicians.

All of the courses listed below

AST1105 Engine Repair5
AST1215 Electrical Systems5
AST1305 Suspension and Steering5
AST1405 Engine Performance5
AST2105 Brake Systems5
AST2205 Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning5
AST2505 Automotive Transmissions and Axles5
COLL1101 Freshman Seminar1
COMM1313 Communications3
DST1105 Diesel Engine Repair5
DST1505 Diesel Engine Performance5

Requirement: 3 Credits from below

ENGL1013 English Composition I3
ENGL1133 Technical & Business English3

Requirement: 3 Credits from below

BTMA1033 Math for Business Technology3
MATH1103 Mathematics with Bus Applications3
MATH1203 College Algebra3
MATH1213 Quantitative Literacy3
MATH1303 Trigonometry 3
MATH2013 Survey of Calculus 3
SKTR1003 Introduction to Skilled Trades3

Requirement: 3 Credits from below

BUS1133 Keyboarding Essentials 3
CIS1303 Computer Information Systems3
CPSI1003 Introduction to Computer Applications3

Requirement: 3 Credits from below

ANTH2023 Cultural Anthropology3
CRIM1023 Introduction to Criminal Justice3
ECON2113 Business Statistics I3
ECON2313 Introduction to Microeconomics3
ECON2323 Introduction to Macroeconomics3
GEOG2013 Introduction to Geography3
HIST1003 World Civilization I 3
HIST1013 World Civilization II 3
HIST2003 American History I3
HIST2013 American History II 3
HIST2023 Arkansas History 3
PLSC2003 American National Government 3
PSYC2003 General Psychology 3
SOCI2013 Introduction to Sociology 3

AAS Automotive Service Technology

Program Length: 24 months
Credits: 60

CIP Code: 470604

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