General Technology

Many graduates of Technical Certificate programs have individual career objectives that cannot be met through completion of any single technology program.  Additional general and technical education courses, combined in a coherent program, allow these students to gain lifelong learning skills and additional technical expertise to become more productive and satisfied members of society.

Upon completing the General Technology Program, graduates will:

  1. Apply the technical knowledge and skills necessary to move into entry level positions in their chosen field of study.
  2. Perform basic computer skills using word processing, spreadsheet, powerpoint and database software.
  3. Perform basic mathematical functions.
  4. Use correct and accurate communication in speech and writing.


All of the courses listed below

CIS1303 Computer Information Systems3
COLL1101 Freshman Seminar1
COMM1313 Communications3
CPSI1003 Introduction to Computer Applications3
CPSI2003 Computer Applications II3
ENGL1013 English Composition I3

Requirement: 3 Credits from below

ENGL1023 English Composition II3
ENGL1133 Technical & Business English3

Requirement: 3 Credits from below

AHMA1033 Math for Allied Health3
BTMA1033 Math for Business Technology3
MATH1003 Math for Health Professions3
MATH1103 Mathematics with Bus Applications3
MATH1203 College Algebra3
MATH1213 Quantitative Literacy3
MATH1303 Trigonometry 3
MATH2013 Survey of Calculus 3

Requirement: 33 Credits from below

ACCT1003 Introduction to Accounting 3
ACCT1123 Accounting I3
ACCT2133 Accounting II 3
ACCT2143 Computerized Accounting3
AGRI1001 Agriculture Careers1
AGRI1023 Introduction to Agribusiness3
AGRI1033 Principles of Animal Nutrition3
AGRI1114 Introduction to Plant Science with Lab4
AGRI1123 Introduction to Animal Science3
AGRI1124 Introduction to Animal Science with Lab4
AGRI2003 Introduction to Poultry Science3
AGRI2013 Introduction to Animal Reproduction3
AGRI2023 Introduction to Cattle Production3
AGRI2034 Soils With Lab4
AGRI2043 Equine Evaluation I3
AGRI2053 Equine Evaluation II3
AGRI2313 Forage & Pasture Management3
AGRI2333 Introduction to Horticulture3
AGRI2413 Introduction to Equine Science3
AST1105 Engine Repair5
AST1215 Electrical Systems5
AST1305 Suspension and Steering5
AST1405 Engine Performance5
AST2105 Brake Systems5
AST2205 Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning5
AST2415 Manual DriveTrain & Axles5
AST2504 Automotive Service Technology Lab4
BANK1013 Principles of Banking3
BANK2013 Law & Banking: Principles3
BIOL1204 Body Structure & Function4
BIOL2014 Microbiology and Lab4
BIOL2214 Anatomy and Physiology I and Lab4
BIOL2224 Anatomy and Physiology II and Lab4
BUS1213 Information Processing3
BUS2013 Business Communications3
BUS2613 Business Principles 3
BUS2663 Legal Environment of Business 3
CIS2353 Electronic Spreadsheet3
CIS2393 Desktop Publishing3
CRIM1013 Criminal Law3
CRIM1023 Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CRIM1033 Introduction to Law Enforcement3
CRIM1043 Law Enforcement II3
CRIM1053 Introduction to Corrections3
CRIM2001 Overview of Criminal Justice System1
CRIM2253 Criminal Investigations3
CRIM2263 Criminal Evidence and Procedure3
CRIM2403 Police Community Relations3
CUL1103 Sanitation & Safety 3
CUL1203 Dining Room Service3
CUL1303 Introduction to Food Production3
CUL1305 Food Production I 5
CUL1403 Culinary Math3
CUL1503 Basic Food Service & Nutrition 3
CUL1603 Introduction to Baking3
CUL1605 Baking I 5
CUL1703 Advanced Food Production3
CUL1705 Food Production II 5
CUL2203 Advanced Culinary Arts I 3
CUL2403 Advanced Baking3
CUL2405 Baking II 5
CUL2503 Catering & Banquet Service3
CUL2603 Menu Planning/Quantity Purchase 3
CUL2703 Advanced Culinary Arts II3
CUL2713 International and Modern Cuisine3
CUL2802 Culinary Arts Capstone2
CUL2803 Garde Manger 3
CUL2812 Culinary Arts Internship2
ECD1003 Fundamentals of Early Childhood Education3
ECD1103 Child Development 3
ECD1203 Healthy, Safe Learning Environment 3
ECD1303 Practicum I 3
ECD1403 Practicum II 3
ECON2113 Business Statistics I3
ECON2313 Introduction to Microeconomics3
ECON2323 Introduction to Macroeconomics3
EMT1107 Basic Emergency Med. Tech.7
HIM2223 Advanced HIM Procedures 3
HIM2233 Medical Insurance Processing 3
HIM2253 Health Data Management and Statistics 3
HIM2263 Clinical HIM Practicum 3
HIT1003 Health Data Content and Structure3
HIT1013 Computer Applications for Healthcare Professionals3
HIT1203 Medical Terminology I3
HIT1213 Medical Terminology II3
HIT1303 Medical Terminology3
HIT1503 Coding Principles3
HIT1504 Pathophysiology with Pharmacology4
HIT1803 Diagnostic Coding3
HIT1813 Procedural CPT Coding3
HIT2003 Fundamentals of Medical Transcription3
HIT2203 Healthcare Statistics3
HIT2213 Legal/Ethical Aspects of Healthcare3
HIT2253 Reimbursement Methods/Health Care Quality3
HIT2263 Clinical Practicum3
HIT2264 Clinical Practicum Experience4
HIT2313 Healthcare Delivery System3
HLTH1013 Inactive - Personal Health & Wellness3
HLTH1023 Basic Health Skills I3
HLTH1033 Basic Health Skills II3
HLTH1107 Basic Health Skills7
HOSP1103 Introduction to Hospitality3
HOSP1203 Hospitality Purchasing3
HOSP1303 Hospitality Operations & Supervisor Management3
HOSP1403 Hospitality Marketing3
HOSP1503 Cafe Internship3
HOSP1513 Cafe Practicum3
HOSP1603 Cafe Practicum II3
IST1033 Digital Literacy3
IST1213 Introduction to Computer Programming3
IST1223 Introduction to Visual Basic3
IST1243 Linux Essentials3
IST1253 Introduction to Servers3
IST1263 Computer Forensics3
IST1403 Networking Essentials I3
IST1503 Internet Technologies3
IST1703 Introduction to Web Design3
IST2303 Introduction to JavaScript3
IST2423 Cloud Computing3
IST2713 Computer Ethics and Security 3
IST2803 Introduction to Database Concepts3
IST2923 A+ Essentials3
LPN1013 Nursing Process I13
LPN1106 Nursing Process II 6
LPN1108 Nursing Process II8
LPN1208 Nursing Process III8
LPN2402 Nursing Clinical Experience I2
LPN2404 Nursing Clinical Experience II4
LPN2504 Nursing Clinical Experience III4
LPNE1104 Nursing Clinical Experience I4
LPNE1112 Nursing Process I12
LPNE1203 Clinical Experience II3
LPNE1204 Nursing Clinical Experience II 4
LPNE1206 Nursing Process II6
LPNE1211 Nursing Process II 11
LPNE1302 Nursing Clinical Experience III2
LPNE1303 Clinical Experience III3
LPNE1306 Nursing Process III6
LPNE1311 Nursing Process III11
MDTR2110 Medical Transcription Capstone 10
MGMT2303 Business Ethics3
MGMT2403 Business Records Management 3
MGMT2603 Personal Finance3
MGMT2623 Management 3
MGMT2663 Small Business Management 3
MKTG2633 Principles of Marketing3
NRSG1213 Math for Nurses3
NUTR2203 Basic Human Nutrition 3
PMT1003 Introduction to Manufacturing3
PMT1013 Materials, Measurement, and Safety3
PMT1023 Blueprints3
PMT1033 Manual Milling3
PMT1043 Manual Lathe3
RNSG2119 Nursing Process I 9
RNSG2123 Nursing Practicum I3
RNSG2216 Nursing Process II6
RNSG2223 Nursing Practicum II3
RNSG2311 NCLEX-RN Preparation1
RNSG2318 Nursing Process III8
RNSG2333 Nursing Practicum III3
WELD1006 Introduction to Welding6
WELD1013 Advanced Welding Methods3
WELD1016 Welding for Manufacturing6
WELD1026 Introduction to Pipe Welding6
WELD1036 TIG (GTAW) Welding6
WELD1104 Welding Process/Blueprint Reading4
WELD1114 Shielded Metal Arc Welding I4
WELD1118 Introduction to SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding)8
WELD1124 Shielded Metal Arc Welding II4
WELD1204 Gas Metal Arc Welding I4
WELD1208 Structural Welding Process 18
WELD1214 Gas Metal Arc Welding II4
WELD1224 Metal Fabrication/Layout I4
WELD2006 Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding6
WELD2016 Advanced Pipe Welding6
WELD2208 Structural Welding Process 28
WELD2304 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding I4
WELD2314 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding II4
WELD2324 Metal Fabrication/Layout II4
WELD2404 Metallurgy Fundamentals4
WELD2414 Pipe Welding4

Requirement: 3 Credits from below

FAMU1003 Fine Arts Music3
FATH1003 Fine Arts Theater3
FAVI1003 Fine Arts Visual3
MGMT2643 Human Relations 3

Requirement: 3 Credits from below

ANTH2023 Cultural Anthropology3
CRIM1023 Introduction to Criminal Justice3
ECON2113 Business Statistics I3
ECON2313 Introduction to Microeconomics3
ECON2323 Introduction to Macroeconomics3
GEOG2013 Introduction to Geography3
HIST1003 World Civilization I 3
HIST1013 World Civilization II 3
HIST2003 American History I3
HIST2013 American History II 3
PLSC2003 American National Government 3
PSYC2003 General Psychology 3
PSYC2313 Developmental Psychology3
SOCI2013 Introduction to Sociology 3

AAS General Technology

Program Length: 24 months
Credits: 60

CIP Code: 309999

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