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Health Professions

The Health Professions Technical Certificate allows individuals to enter the healthcare field with a variety of knowledge for entry level positions. Students are able to use skills learned in different areas to make them a valuable asset in the healthcare workforce in areas of Physician Offices, Community Health, Hospitals, Emergency Room/Outpatient areas and in Admissions.

Students receiving scholarship dollars from the Arkansas Department of Health Trauma Grant for EMT must take their licensure certification at the end of the course or will be asked to repay the funds.

  1. Demonstrate effective communication in various forms using proper grammar and medical terms related to health knowledge. 
  2. Demonstrate compassion and caring through ethical and professional practices. 
  3. Interpret and synthesize date using scientific and mathematical reasoning to identify needs. 
  4. Plan care to meet individual needs based on age, beliefs, culture, disease process and socio-economic status.
  5. Use technology to enhance care and record events.
TC Health Professions

Program Length: 12 months

CIP Code: 510000

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