Degrees CP Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management

The Culinary Arts program will provide foundation and specialized study in the culinary field through academic, laboratory, and field experiences. The required general education courses enhance the experience. This program prepares its graduates for careers in restaurants, hotels, catering operations, and institutional food service.
Upon successful completion of this Certificate of Proficiency, students will be able to:
1. Make adequate selections and procurement in the hospitality industry.
2. Explore career opportunities in food service, hotels, clubs, and related businesses.
3. Manage catering and banquet services.
4. Develop strategic marketing plans for hospitality related businesses.
5. Manage and supervise employees and resources of lodging and food service operations.
The Certificates of Proficiency are not designed to be a student’s major area of study.
These courses are offered in alternating Fall and Spring Semesters and some have
prerequisites that must be completed before taking the course.  



All of the courses listed below

CUL1103 Sanitation & Safety3
CUL2503 Catering & Banquet Service3
HOSP1103 Introduction to Hospitality3
HOSP1203 Hospitality Purchasing3
HOSP1303 Hospitality Operations & Supervisor Management3
HOSP1403 Hospitality Marketing3

CP Hospitality Management

Program Length: 12 months
Credits: 18

CIP Code: 520901

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