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Degrees CP Business Computer Applications

Business Computer Applications

Philosophy The Business Technology program provides students with the opportunity to achieve marketable skills and the knowledge necessary to succeed in a business occupation. The curriculum is provided for those individuals who desire to train, retrain, or upgrade their skills for an occupation in a business environment.  All students should have the opportunity to develop to their highest potential in the best learning environment possible through guidance and instruction by a well-trained staff and hands-on applications using equipment which duplicates, as nearly as possible, equipment found in business offices. Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this Certificate of Proficiency, students will be able to:
1. Perform  advanced level word processing, spreadsheet, and database work.
2. Create desktop publishing documents and projects.
3. Operate and use computer hardware and software to accept input, process data, and store data.
4. Organize and manage computer files.
The Certificates of Proficiency are not designed to be a student’s major area of study.
These courses are offered in alternating Fall and Spring Semesters and some have
prerequisites that must be completed before taking the course.  The Certificates are
designed as a focus of students in the AAS-Business Technology degree plan.  The student would be able to earn a certificate within the AAS-BT degree.

DEGREE REQUIREMENTS BUS - CP Business Computer Applications

All of the courses listed below

BUS1213 Information Processing3
CIS2353 Electronic Spreadsheet3
CIS2393 Desktop Publishing3
CPSI1003 Introduction to Computer Applications3
IST2803 Introduction to Database Concepts3

Requirement: 3 Credits from below

ACCT1003 Introduction to Accounting 3
ACCT1123 Accounting I3
ACCT2133 Accounting II 3
ACCT2143 Computerized Accounting3
ACCT2153 Payroll Accounting3
ACCT2163 Federal Income Tax Accounting 3
ACCT2283 Managerial Accounting 3
BANK1013 Principles of Banking3
BANK2013 Law & Banking: Principles3
BUS1133 Keyboarding Essentials 3
BUS2013 Business Communications3
BUS2613 Business Principles 3
BUS2663 Legal Environment of Business 3
CIS1303 Computer Information Systems3
IST2713 Computer Ethics and Security 3
MGMT2403 Business Records Management 3
MGMT2603 Financial Planning 3
MGMT2623 Management 3
MGMT2643 Human Relations 3
MGMT2663 Small Business Management 3
MKTG2633 Principles of Marketing3

CP Business Computer Applications

Program Length: 12 months
Credits: 18

CIP Code: 520407

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