Email Setup on an iPhone or iPod Touch

  1. Step 1 - On the Home Screen, Select Settings
  2. Step 2 - Scroll down and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars

  3. Step 3 - Select Add Account...

  4. Step 4 -  Select Microsoft Exchange

  5. Step 5 - Enter exchange account info (This will be your Ozarka Account Information):

  6. Step 6 -  Select Next. The iPhone will attempt to automatically sync with our exchange server.

  7. Step 7 - The automatic sync might fail with the error Exchange Account Verification Failed

  8. Step 8 - Now a field will appear between Email and Username titled Server.

  9. Step 9 - Enter the name of your company's exchange server. Our Server name is

  10. Step 10 - The iPhone will verify the new account. If no error is returned, the account was created successfully.

  11. Step 11 - Select the services you wish to sync, and select save.

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