Spring 2016 Student Success Tutor Schedule

Free peer tutoring- Get help early and often!  

Fall 2015 Tutor Schedule for All Campuses

 Free tutoring available in the Student Success Centers on all campuses.  Get help early and often!!

Spring 2015 Tutoring Schedule

 Here is the tutoring schedule for the Spring 2015 Semester.

Fall 2014 Tutoring Schedule

Here is the Fall 2014 Tutoring Schedule for the Student Success Center.  Enjoy!

What to Expect from a Tutor (and some GREAT online tutor resources!)

The Ozarka College Student Success Center provides FREE tutoring on all 4 campuses.  

ALL students can benefit from tutoring. Tutoring is NOT for dummies, but for any student who has hit a trouble spot in a course that someone who has "been there and done that" can help them overcome.  

If you hit a road block in one of your classes, be sure to ask for help.  And when you do, it will help you to know what to expect from working with a tutor.  This document can help you understand what tutors can do for you.  Then see page 2 for links to some GREAT online tutoring resources!