Request for Proposals

This page provides access to bid solicitations and tabulations for Ozarka College. The listed documents are available for opening or downloading by clicking on the bid number or tab sheet. The bid information is posted in PDF format.

DISCLAIMER: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of bid information contained in the web site, only the terms and conditions set forth in the actual bid documents, and any subsequent purchase orders, will be legally binding. You may contact the Purchasing Division directly with questions or to request further information.

  • SB-2021-002 Machining & Welding Project.pdf
  • Ozarka College Performance Standards.pdf
  • Ozarka College Standard Terms & Conditions.pdf
  • REQUIRED FORM Contract and Grant Disclosure and Certification.pdf
  • REQUIRED FORM Illegal Immigrant Statement and Form.pdf
  • REQUIRED FORM Equal Opportunity Policy.pdf
  • REQUIRED FORM Minority Policy.pdf
  • REQUIRED FORM Boycott of Israel.pdf

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