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Math and Science

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Division Chair: David Mitchell

Programs in this Division

  • AA General Education

Courses in this Division

  • AGRI1001 Agriculture Careers
  • AGRI1023 Introduction to Agribusiness
  • AGRI1033 Principles of Animal Nutrition
  • AGRI1113 Introduction to Plant Science
  • AGRI1114 Introduction to Plant Science with Lab
  • AGRI1123 Introduction to Animal Science
  • AGRI1124 Introduction to Animal Science with Lab
  • AGRI1613 Basic Agricultural Mechanics
  • AGRI2003 Introduction to Poultry Science
  • AGRI2013 Introduction to Animal Reproduction
  • AGRI2023 Introduction to Cattle Production
  • AGRI2033 Soils
  • AGRI2034 Soils With Lab
  • AGRI2043 Equine Evaluation I
  • AGRI2053 Equine Evaluation II
  • AGRI2123 Applications of Welding Technologies to Agriculture
  • AGRI2313 Forage & Pasture Management
  • AGRI2333 Introduction to Horticulture
  • AGRI2413 Introduction to Equine Science
  • AHMA1033 Math for Allied Health
  • BIOL1004 General Biology and Lab
  • BIOL1114 Principles of Biology I Lab
  • BIOL1204 Body Structure & Function
  • BIOL2001 Independent Study in Biology - one
  • BIOL2002 Independent Study in Biology - two
  • BIOL2003 Independent Study in Biology - three
  • BIOL2004 General Ecology and Lab
  • BIOL2014 Microbiology and Lab
  • BIOL2024 Principles of Zoology and Lab
  • BIOL2134 Principles of Botany with Lab
  • BIOL2214 Anatomy and Physiology I and Lab
  • BIOL2224 Anatomy and Physiology II and Lab
  • BTMA1033 Math for Business Technology
  • CHEM1003 Introduction to Chemistry
  • CHEM1014 General Chemistry I and Lab
  • CHEM1024 General Chemistry II and Lab
  • CHEM1034 Introduction to Organic Biochemistry and Lab
  • GEOL1004 Essentials of Earth Science and Lab
  • HLTH1003 Inactive Introduction to Health Professions
  • HLTH1013 Inactive - Personal Health & Wellness
  • PHED1002 Concepts of Physical Activity
  • PHED1101 Fitness Center I
  • PHED1121 Aerobics I
  • PHED2023 First Aid
  • PHED2101 Fitness Center II
  • PHED2201 Lifetime Fitness
  • PHSC1004 Physical Science and Lab
  • PHSC2004 Introduction to Environmental Science
  • PHYS2014 General Physics I and Lab

Here to Help

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Tania Wallace
Academic Assistant
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Dr. Chris Lorch
Vice-President of Academics