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Master Plan

The Ozarka College Master Plan is an outgrowth of the need to plan for present and future expansion at the Main Campus in Melbourne, Arkansas. With significant growth in the last ten years, the College has the need to expand curriculum offering, renovate existing facilities as well as complete new construction. All these steps are necessary to pursue the mission for Student Success at the College.

Ozarka College Master Plan Document Melbourne
The Master Planning Team, composed of the College Administration, Faculty, Staff and Community Leaders, came together to strategically evaluate the existing campus. The team also determined goals and a vision for the directions of the campus in the future.

Key Master Plan Goals included:
  • Move Campus from a Vocational School Appearance to a Community College Aesthetic
  • Establish stronger Community connections and Support
  • Create a Sense of Arrival
  • Develop a Central Campus Organization and Green Space

Thru a series of on-site planning meetings campus organizational structures were studied including schemes that followed traditional campus planning structures such as: Mall, Courtyard, Quadrangle and Tower. From this process, a series of conceptual schemes were presented and revised into hybrid models.

The Final Master Plan package combines key parts from each of these concepts and has developed Strategic Growth Guidelines to strengthen future campus development. The Final Plan also emphasizes a more walk-able campus, car/pedestrian separation and better linkages between building and use areas.

The Master Plan also identified several key short term physical improvements including:
  • New College Center and Green Space
  • Community Outreach Component
  • Added Allied Health Facilities
  • Expanded Culinary/ Hospitality Facilities
  • Accommodated growth in Diesel & Automotive Technology

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