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Master Plan

The Mountain View Campus Master Plan seeks to assist the College in promoting the potential of the Campus according to the vision of the College, staff, faculty, students and local community. Analysis of conditions and outlining the interactions with a Steering Committee and Stakeholders has initiated a list of priorities and goals. Ozarka College Master Plan Document

The Master Planning Team, composed of the College Administration, Faculty, Staff and Community Leaders, came together to strategically evaluate the existing campus. The team also determined goals and a vision for the directions of the campus in the future.

The Plan focuses efforts on the following:
  • Present ways to improve campus visibility and create a defined entrance to campus
  • Strengthen student and staff use spaces and improve the overall campus experience
  • Incorporate a public health resource on campus that will encourage increased interaction between the local community and Ozarka College
  • Provide development direction for future course offerings
The Priorities were set by a steering committee representing the various interests guiding the College. The phasing of the plan is determined by priorities of the College. The Campus, as existing, has the space and the resource to accomplish many of the steps required to implement planning ideas as phasing of campus proceeds. As resources allow and needs arise the priorities may shift.

The Master Plan will provide an outline of ideas that will aid the growth of the campus and help to achieve the desired Goals.

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