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Mission, Vision & Values

Mission, Vision & Values


Ozarka College provides life-changing experiences through education.


Ozarka College will be the educational resource of choice in our community providing a quality, learning-centered environment that is innovative, responsive, adaptive, and caring.


Our values are the principles, standards, and ideals that form the foundation of our actions. They are the things to which we, as a community of educators, ascribe worth. Our values reveal what we strive for and give us our identity as a college.

Ozarka College values learning and scholarship for our students, our employees, and our communities. We value personal growth and provide access to diverse learning experiences in a progressive but supportive, technology-based environment so that our students may advance their educational goals. We seek to continuously learn as an organization, promote life-long learning, and be responsive to our changing environment.

Ozarka College values people and ideas. We respect the dignity and potential of each individual, expressed through fairness, responsiveness, and just treatment for all. We value individual diversity and recognize the unique contributions of all individuals. We promote open and respectful communications and the free exchange of thoughts and ideas.

Ozarka College strives for excellence and integrity in all we do. We are committed to providing a quality educational environment, being innovative in our course and program offerings, and maintaining excellence in all aspects of our work. We continuously assess to determine avenues for improvement.

Ozarka College values responsibility for its students, employees, and the institution. We challenge ourselves to provide an environment that nourishes and encourages students yet prepares them for independence in future studies, the workforce, and life. We expect ourselves and our students to be good stewards of the privileges and opportunities afforded by higher education and its supporters.

Ozarka College values community - both the communities we serve and the community developed within the College. As students, faculty, and staff, we have a responsibility to our communities that is expressed through engagement. We actively pursue collaborative partnerships with our communities, providing cultural learning opportunities, business outreach, and access to facilities. We value our college community and encourage engagement through participation, collaboration, and communication.