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Health Professions

Successful completion of the requirements of the associate degree program in Health Professions will prepare the student for entry-level employment as a health information processor by providing the basic knowledge, understanding, and skills required to work in a variety of healthcare settings. Students learn the the skills to process data with accuracy, clarity, and timeliness, code diagnosis and procedures of the medical office and hospital setting by applying the principles of professional and ethical conduct thus, becoming a vital link in the healthcare chain of our society. The Health Professions program provides lifelong skills for marketable performance.

Program graduates will possess the knowledge and skills needed to:

  1. Demonstrate written, verbal and medical usage in all areas of communication.
  2. Operate computers and support software relative to job performance and use technology in the preparation/submission of data.
  3. Devise a large medical vocabulary and understand human anatomy, physiology, diseases, diagnostic indications, drugs, surgical and other procedures using scientific knowledge and mathematical reasoning.
  4. Identify, distinguish, and interpret inconsistencies, discrepancies, and inaccuracies in all medical office procedures and make appropriate corrections.
  5. Compile, organize and produce information while maintaining confidentiality.
  6. Relate ethical and professional standards for all clients regardless of socio-economic conditions, race, age or cultural beliefs.


All of the courses listed below

ENGL1013 English Composition I3
ENGL1023 English Composition II3

Requirement: 8 Credits from below

BIOL1001 General Biology Lab1
BIOL1003 General Biology3
BIOL1004 General Biology and Lab4
BIOL1204 Body Structure & Function4
BIOL2014 Microbiology and Lab4
BIOL2211 Anatomy & Physiology I Lab1
BIOL2213 Anatomy & Physiology I3
BIOL2214 Anatomy and Physiology I and Lab4
BIOL2224 Anatomy and Physiology II and Lab4
CHEM1014 General Chemistry I and Lab4
CHEM1024 General Chemistry II and Lab4

Requirement: 3 Credits from below

MATH1003 Math for Health Professions3

Requirement: 7 Credits from below

EMT1107 Basic Emergency Med. Tech.7
HLTH1107 Basic Health Skills7
LPN1013 Nursing Process I13

Requirement: 6 Credits from below

ANTH2023 Cultural Anthropology3
CRIM1023 Introduction to Criminal Justice3
ECON2313 Introduction to Microeconomics3
ECON2323 Introduction to Macroeconomics3
GEOG2013 Introduction to Geography3
HIST1003 World Civilization I 3
HIST1013 World Civilization II 3
HIST2003 American History I3
HIST2013 American History II 3
PLSC2003 American National Government 3
PSYC2003 General Psychology 3
PSYC2313 Developmental Psychology3
SOCI2013 Introduction to Sociology 3

Requirement: 30 Credits from below

BIOL1204 Body Structure & Function4
BIOL2014 Microbiology and Lab4
BIOL2214 Anatomy and Physiology I and Lab4
BIOL2224 Anatomy and Physiology II and Lab4
COLL1101 Freshman Seminar1
FAMU1003 Fine Arts Music3
FATH1003 Fine Arts Theater3
FAVI1003 Fine Arts Visual3
HIT1013 Computer Applications for Healthcare Professionals3
HIT1303 Medical Terminology3
HIT1503 Coding Principles3
HIT1504 Pathophysiology with Pharmacology4
HIT2003 Fundamentals of Medical Transcription3
HIT2203 Healthcare Statistics3
HIT2213 Legal/Ethical Aspects of Healthcare3
LPN1013 Nursing Process I13
LPN1108 Nursing Process II8
LPN1208 Nursing Process III8
LPN2402 Nursing Clinical Experience I2
LPN2404 Nursing Clinical Experience II4
LPN2504 Nursing Clinical Experience III4
LPNE1104 Nursing Clinical Experience I4
LPNE1112 Nursing Process I12
LPNE1203 Nursing Clinical Experience II3
LPNE1204 Nursing Clinical Experience II 4
LPNE1206 Nursing Process II6
LPNE1211 Nursing Process II 11
LPNE1302 Nursing Clinical Experience III2
LPNE1303 Nursing Clinical Experience III3
LPNE1306 Nursing Process III6
LPNE1311 Nursing Process III11
NUTR2203 Basic Human Nutrition 3

AAS Health Professions

Program Length: 24 months
Credits: 60

CIP Code: 510000

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