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Licensed Practical Nursing

Philosophy Nursing practice combines the science of health and the art of caring. A humanistic blend of scientific knowledge, nursing philosophy, clinical practice, and general education, this program upholds the values and standards of nursing practice and teaches that learning is a lifelong process. General education courses, along with general education skills integrated into technical courses, assist students in becoming contributing members of society, enhance career goals, and provide appropriate background to students who wish to gain further education in the profession. Through general education, students develop, synthesize, and internalize personal values increase their awareness of the human condition; strengthen basic skills in communications and computation; and integrate general and career-specific learning.
Instructors create a learning environment that allows individual input, growth, and evaluation, with a learning process proceeding from the simple to the complex. The clinical and academic experiences in the professional curriculum are interdependent and reinforce each other, with the academic setting providing an information and theory base that is integrated, expanded, and verified in the clinical setting. Because health care and nursing are constantly changing, students learn that licensed practical nurses must exhibit a flexible and holistic approach to health care delivery, understand the changing health care environment, and develop strategies for continually seeking new treatment information. Students learn that practical nurses are integral and valuable members of the health care team, functioning under the guidance of a registered nurse and demonstrating ethical, legal, and professional conduct of the highest order in their personal and vocational relationships.

Objectives  Upon completion of the program, students will: 
  1. Demonstrate knowledge of scientific principles in providing patient care.
  2. Attain the necessary skills to perform treatments and administer medications safely.
  3. Demonstrate kindness, rapport, and empathy in giving patient care.
  4. Recognize deviations from normal health, including specialty areas such as pregnancy and the newborn.
  5. Develop skills of observing, recording, and reporting on the condition of the patient.
  6. Use effective communication skills while working with patients, families, staff, and peers.
  7. Display the technical knowledge and skills necessary to move into middle and upper management positions in their field, given the necessary time on the job to build expertise and accumulate experience.
  8. Understand that nursing is lifetime learning, critical thinking, and problem solving skills are used for patient care through evidence-based practice.
  9. Be able to communicate correctly and accurately in speech and writing and to reason mathematically. 
Admission Criteria  Applicants are admitted to this program only after meeting specific selection criteria. Information about these criteria is available from the Admissions Officer/Recruiter. Students who are selected for the program are expected to attend full-time and take all courses in the prescribed sequence. Applications for the LPN classes beginning in January (Melbourne 18-month and Ash Flat Night-Weekend programs) are accepted September 1 – November 1.
For classes starting in August, (Ash Flat 11-month, Melbourne 18-month, and Mountain View 11-month) applications are accepted February 1 – April 1. This program requires three regular semesters on the Melbourne Campus (with no summer classes), and three semesters including summer for the 11-month programs on the Ash Flat and Mountain View campuses.
Graduates must pass the NCSBN Licensure Exam (NCLEX-PN) to be licensed to practice. 
Criminal Background Checks  All students entering the nursing education programs will be required to have a criminal background check, at the expense of the student. The student must be aware that clinical facilities will not allow them to practice as a student if they have committed certain crimes. Therefore, without the clinical experiences, the student will not be able to meet the requirements of the Nursing Programs.   Arkansas law requires applicants for initial licensure to submit a state and federal criminal background check. If an applicant has pleaded guilty, nolo contendere to, or been found guilty of any offense listed in ACA §17-3-102, he/she is not eligible for Arkansas licensure. ACA §17-3-102 provides an opportunity to request a waiver of eligibility criteria related to a criminal background in certain circumstances. Completion of this nursing program does not guarantee that a waiver will be granted to an individual with any offenses listed in the above statute. See the Program Director for further information.  


All of the courses listed below

BIOL1204 Body Structure & Function4
NUTR2203 Basic Human Nutrition3

Requirement: 3 Credits from below

AHMA1033 Math for Allied Health3
MATH1003 Math for Health Professions3
NRSG1213 Math for Nurses3

Requirement: 3 Credits from below

ENGL1013 English Composition I3

Requirement: 2 of the courses from below.

LPN1013 Nursing Process I13
LPN2402 Nursing Clinical Experience I2
LPNE1104 Nursing Clinical Experience I4
LPNE1112 Nursing Process I12

Requirement: 2 of the courses from below.

LPN1108 Nursing Process II8
LPN2404 Nursing Clinical Experience II4
LPNE1203 Nursing Clinical Experience II3
LPNE1204 Nursing Clinical Experience II 4
LPNE1206 Nursing Process II6
LPNE1211 Nursing Process II 11

Requirement: 2 of the courses from below.

LPN1208 Nursing Process III8
LPN2504 Nursing Clinical Experience III4
LPNE1302 Nursing Clinical Experience III2
LPNE1303 Nursing Clinical Experience III3
LPNE1306 Nursing Process III6
LPNE1311 Nursing Process III11

TC Licensed Practical Nursing

Program Length: 18 months
Credits: 52

CIP Code: 513901

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