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Professional Pilot - Aviation Degree

Published on May 16, 2014

Ozarka College has received formal approval to begin offering an Associate of Science degree in Aviation. A transfer partnership has been formed with Henderson State University, which will allow students to transfer seamlessly into their Bachelor of Science degree program in Aviation. Ozarka College will be the only Higher Education institution in Northern Arkansas to offer these credentials.

"A college aviation program presents our region an exciting new career opportunity that has never before been available. Our program will establish the foundation for more advanced training that can lead to very high paying and exciting opportunities in commercial aviation," said Dr. Richard Dawe, Ozarka College President. "We believe this will become a foundational program for Ozarka that will serve the region for decades to come in a high growth technical industry."

The Professional Pilot - Aviation degree prepares students to fly a single engine aircraft and qualifies students to take pilot credentialing exams. The program includes aviation specific instruction pertaining to design, performance, flight systems, controls, flight crew operations, radio communications, navigation procedures, navigation systems, airway safety regulations, airway traffic regulations, and governmental rules and regulations. This degree will serve as the foundation for advanced flight certification offerings.

"Unlike many careers, pilots may reside in locations not directly affiliated with their work. Because of the anticipated need for more pilots, a modest professional pilot aviation program located in North Central Arkansas is both sensible and advantageous to provide work opportunities in a region which is not afforded with large scale industry-based employment," said Dr. Dennis C. Rittle, Ozarka College Provost and Executive Vice President.

Ozarka Aviation is scheduled to begin offering courses in the fall semester of 2015. Approximate cost to students to complete the program will be $11,000 and just over 50 percent of their coursework can be completed online. This cost is far less than most collegiate aviation programs across the country.

For more information, please contact Dylan Mowery, Ozarka College Director of Admissions, by calling 870-368-2013 or email: