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Student Grievance Hearing Committee

Type: Institutional
Chair:Deltha L Sharp
Members: 4


The Student Appeals Committee serves as the college's appellate board. The committee will hear appeals that have been filed through the code of student conduct appeals process. The committee will follow the appropriate procedures as outlined in the respective policies. The committee may hear other student appeal issues as designated by the President of the college.

Committee Membership:

  1. Two Faculty

  2. Two Professional

  3. One Student

  4. The committee will elect a chairperson

  5. The Vice-President of Student Services will facilitate the appeals process.

Responsibilities and Procedures:

  1. The appellant must complete all required forms in detail and return them to the Vice President of Student Services prior to a hearing date being set.

  2. The appellant will be given prior notice of the hearing. If the appellant can not attend, the hearing will be held in their absence with the committee basing their decision on the evidence available.

  3. The hearing shall provide reasonable opportunities for involved parties to be heard. The hearing shall be closed.

  4. The hearing shall also be tape recorded. Involved parties may request a copy of the tape. The tape will provided by the Vice President of Student Services in a timely manner.

The hearing shall proceed as follows:

  1. The appellant will present the appeal and reasons for the appeal (10 minutes).

  2. An appropriate staff person will present the reasons for the initial decision (10 minutes).

  3. The appellant will have the opportunity to respond (5 minutes).

  4. The staff person will have the opportunity to respond (5 minutes).

  5. The committee members will have an opportunity to ask questions if they would like.

  6. The committee shall enter executive session and render a decision.

  7. The committee shall decide by majority vote will all members having equal vote.

  8. The committee chair shall inform the appellant in writing of the decision within two days.


Evidence shall be handled according to the following:

  1. Legal rules of evidence do not apply in a hearing under this policy. The chairperson may admit evidence that is commonly accepted by reasonable persons in the conduct of their affairs.

  2. The chairperson will conduct the meeting and keep all involved parties on task and on time. Any discussions not directly connected to the appeal will be stopped. All parties will conduct themselves in a civilized manner.

  3. The hearing committee will decide the issue and appropriate recommendation solely on the basis of admitted evidence.

  4. A tape recording will be made of the hearing under the supervision of the Vice President of Student Affairs. Minutes of the hearing shall be made available to all parties involved in the hearing process upon request.


The Vice President of Student Services is responsible for calling a meeting of the Student Appeals Committee following the receipt of written appeals. Once notified of the appeal, any member of the committee who believes a conflict may exist between them and the appellant should request that they be excused from the hearing involved said students.

Committee Contacts

Chair Image
Deltha L Sharp