Degrees CP Emergency Medical Technology

CP Emergency Medical Technology

The Basic Emergency Medical Technology program serves the training needs of entry-level emergency caregivers, vital links in the chain of the health care team, who wish to meet the educational requirements set by the Arkansas Department of Health so that they can provide safe and effective pre-hospital emergency medical care.  

Upon completion of the program, students will

  1. Recognize the nature and seriousness of the patient’s condition or extent of injuries to assess requirements for emergency medical care.
  2. Administer appropriate emergency medical care based on assessment findings of the patient’s condition.
  3. Lift, move, position, and otherwise handle the patient to minimize discomfort and prevent further injury.
  4. Perform safely and effectively the expectations of the job description.

This program incorporates the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Standard Curriculum for EMT-Basic education, and upon successful completion of the course, graduates will be qualified to sit for the National Registry EMT-Basic Certification examination.  

Students must register for the class through the admissions office at the beginning of the semester when the class is offered.  Ride time and clinical hours are assigned by the instructor.


All of the courses listed below

EMT1107 Basic Emergency Med. Tech.7

CP Emergency Medical Technology

Program Length: 5 months
Credits: 7

CIP Code: 510904

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