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Placement Test Policy

The American College Testing program (ACT) the Assessment of Skills for Successful Entry and Transfer and the Computerized Placement & Support Services (COMPASS) are entrance examinations, and the test results are used for guidance and placement.

Freshman students should submit their Student Profile Report from the ACT, usually taken in their junior or senior year of high school. Those who do not provide ACT results must take the ACT or COMPASS for placement purposes. Test scores must be no more than four years old. Information on testing fees is found under Financial Information.

The COMPASS Placement Test assesses what level of college courses prospective students are academically ready to handle.

  • The COMPASS Test is taken on a computer.
  • The COMPASS Test is not timed. Most students finish in 2-3 hours.
  • The COMPASS Test has three sections: Algebra (Math), English (Writing), and Reading.

Test Resources

Practice Tests

In addition to the list online resources, Ozarka College also offers College Placement & Exit Assessment (CPEA) software available at any of our four locations: Ash Flat, Mammoth Spring, Melbourne, or Mountain View.

Testing Information (external websites)

CODE: 5163

You may download PDF versions of additional sample questions for COMPASS placement measures. Each file includes answers to all the sample questions.

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