Degrees AA General Education

AA General Education

The Associate of Arts program provides the first steps into higher education for those students who look forward to completing a baccalaureate degree at a four-year college or university.  The program will provide a firm grounding in general education, both through a required group of courses and through general skills and attitudes fostered by the program as a whole.


General Education Outcome 1: Critical Thinking

Goal: Critical reasoning skills in a variety of environments are essential to effective decision making. Every graduate of Ozarka College should apply the following critical reasoning skills:

a)    Explore: Learners will examine, investigate and study new ideas and concepts.

b)    Locate: Learners will actively seek out various forms of credible information including print, electronic, and human resources.

c)     Interpret: Learners will analyze information and make intelligent inferences objectively.

d)    Evaluate: Learners will appraise and defend the significance and value of information.

e)    Synthesize: Learners will assemble and construct ideas or data to create and design new information, ideas, and concepts.


General Education Outcome 2: Communication

Goal: Efficient and effective communication is an essential life skill for every student’s personal, professional, and academic life. Every graduate of Ozarka College should master the three main components of communication:

a)    Verbal: Learners will actively express ideas using verbal communications skills with attention to audience and topic.

b)    Written: Learners will create and write coherent, grammatical pieces for a variety of audiences and topics.

c)     Visual: Learners will construct effective messages in visual form, demonstrating their ability to convey messages in additional communication contexts.


General Education Outcome 3: Personal Responsibility

Goal: An attitude of responsibility is beneficial to self, college and society, positively impacting future generations. Every graduate of Ozarka College should attain an evident level of responsibility in the following areas:

a)     Academic: Learners will be prepared to accept responsibility for their own learning process and timely degree attainment.

b)     Financial: Learners will understand the economic impact and obligations of their chosen career. They will also understand and accept responsibility for repayment of any student debt incurred.

c)    Civic: Learners will have the opportunity to engage in service to community which will enhance their understanding of diversity, citizenship, and civic responsibility. 


All of the courses listed below

ENGL1013 English Composition I3
ENGL1023 English Composition II3

Requirement: 3 Credits from below

MATH1203 College Algebra3
MATH1213 Quantitative Literacy3

Requirement: 8 Credits from below

BIOL1004 General Biology and Lab4
PHSC1004 Physical Science and Lab4

Requirement: 3 Credits from below

ENGL2213 World Literature I 3
ENGL2223 World Literature II 3

Requirement: 3 Credits from below

FAMU1003 Fine Arts Music3
FATH1003 Fine Arts Theater3
FAVI1003 Fine Arts Visual3

Requirement: 3 Credits from below

HIST2003 American History I3
HIST2013 American History II 3
PLSC2003 American National Government 3

Requirement: 3 Credits from below

HIST1003 World Civilization I 3
HIST1013 World Civilization II 3

Requirement: 6 Credits from below

ANTH2023 Cultural Anthropology3
ECON2313 Intro. to Microeconomics 3
ECON2323 Introduction to Macroeconomics3
GEOG2013 Intro to Geography 3
PSYC2003 General Psychology 3
SOCI2013 Introduction to Sociology 3

Requirement: 2 Credits from below

PHED1002 Concepts of Physical Activity 2
PHED1011 Yoga I 1
PHED1031 Yoga II 1
PHED1101 Fitness Center I 1
PHED1121 Aerobics I1
PHED2101 Fitness Center II 1
PHED2201 Lifetime Fitness1

Requirement: 8 Credits from below

COLL1001 College Success Orientation1
COLL2001 College Capstone1
COMM1313 Communications 3
CPSI1003 Intro. to Computer Applications3

Additional 15 credits of electives. Please contact Admissions or your advisor for additional details.
AA General Education

Program Length: 24 months
Credits: 60

CIP Code: 240101

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