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Degrees AS Agriculture



All of the courses listed below

COLL1101 Freshman Seminar1
COMM1313 Communications3
ENGL1013 English Composition I3
ENGL1023 English Composition II3

Requirement: 12 Credits from below

AGRI1023 Introduction to Agribusiness3
AGRI1113 Introduction to Plant Science3
AGRI1123 Introduction to Animal Science3
AGRI2033 Soils3

Requirement: 3 Credits from below

MATH1203 College Algebra3

Requirement: 15 Credits from below

ACCT1123 Accounting I3
ACCT2133 Accounting II 3
ECON2113 Business Statistics I3
ECON2313 Intro. to Microeconomics 3
ECON2323 Introduction to Macroeconomics3

Requirement: 8 Credits from below

BIOL1004 General Biology and Lab4
CHEM1014 General Chemistry I and Lab4

Requirement: 3 Credits from below

GEOG2013 Intro to Geography 3
HIST1003 World Civilization I 3
HIST1013 World Civilization II 3
PSYC2003 General Psychology 3
SOCI2013 Introduction to Sociology 3

Requirement: 3 Credits from below

ENGL2213 World Literature I 3
ENGL2223 World Literature II 3

Requirement: 3 Credits from below

FAMU1003 Fine Arts Music3
FATH1003 Fine Arts Theater3
FAVI1003 Fine Arts Visual3

Requirement: 3 Credits from below

HIST2003 American History I3
HIST2013 American History II 3
PLSC2003 American National Government 3

AS Agriculture

Program Length: 24 months
Credits: 60

CIP Code: 010102

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