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Degrees AS Criminal Justice and Corrections

Criminal Justice and Corrections






The Associate of Science in Criminal Justice and Corrections degree will be awarded to students who successfully complete a planned program of collegiate level work that is transferable towards a baccalaureate degree in criminology from Arkansas State University.  It also serves individuals already employed in the fields of criminal justice or corrections who want to further their careers by receiving additional education hours in their field.  




Students completing this degree program successfully will be able to:


  1. Identify and explain the basic structures and functions of the criminal justice system. 
  2. Interpret the basic concepts and functions of criminal law.
  3. Integrate multidisciplinary theories which constitute the basis for understanding criminality and victimization.
  4. Apply constitutional principles that protect the rights of individuals and regulate criminal justice practices and procedures. 
  5. Discuss the importance of social and ethical issues confronting the criminal justice systems. 
  6. Explain the basic theories and concepts of corrections and the ethical issues involved.
  7. Additionally, the graduate will complete the learning outcomes identified within the General Education Component. 






AS Criminal Justice and Corrections

Program Length: 24 months

CIP Code: 430104

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