O*NET Interest Profiler

If you’re really not sure what kind of career you want, you can take an interest profiler such as the O*NET Interest Profiler. It will ask you questions that will help you find out what your interests are and how they relate to a career.

Visit the O*NET Interest Profiler

O*NET OnLine - Browse by Industry

If you have an idea of what career field that you want to work in, you can browse careers by industry.

Visit the O*NET Industry Site

Ozarka Degree Programs and Certificates

If you plan to or are already enrolled at Ozarka College, you can access career information related to the certificates and degrees that are offered.

To view the career information, first click on a degree from the list, then click on the “Standard Occupational Classification” link below the CIP Code on the right side of the page.

Visit the Ozarka Program Offerings

College Measures Website

If you would like an idea of potential salaries in the state of Arkansas, you can access salary information for degrees offered at Ozarka College.

Visit the College Measures Site


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